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Luxurious wool is natural choice for all-season wear

In fashion, style is born of cloth, and no other cloth equals the quality, the style, the luxury and the comfort of pure wool worsted fabrics... the natural choice for fine suitings and trousers.

No longer tied to winter apparel only, lightweight wool can be worn year around in any climate. Whether casual or dressy, pure worsted wool fabrics are seasonless for comfort, value and quality.


Worsted wool - known for its natural texture, extraordinary draping properties and breathability - is superlative suiting cloth that is good looking, is comfortably versatile and is a smart value. Among its many inherant strengths, wool drapes beautifully and retains its handsome silhouette through seasons of wearing.

However, not all wool cloths are alike: they not only differ in weight, but also in qualities and weaves. Wool also varies in the diameter of the yarn. The higher the number, the smaller the diameter, which results in a finely textured feel or "hand" of the cloth. In addition, the weave determines the performance of wool cloth and how well it will drape or tailor into a fine suit.

We select only cloths of exceptional quality and value from the finest mills around the world for our collection in all the latest colours and patterns. From our classic all-wools to our Super 150's, our newest collection has a cloth and style for you. Make your appointment now for a private draping.


Although braces (or suspenders) can be highly decorative and colorful, their first order of business is functional: to hold up a man's suit trousers. Braces allow the trousers to hang evenly at the waist while maintaining the proper height of the cuff over the shoe. Keep in mind that a belt worn with a set of braces is a duplication of effort and improper.

We offer only the finest braces made of materials such as silk and nylon. Despite their austere image, you will find many braces embroidered with whimsical graphics and eccentric motifs, and a sophisticated dresser will find as many ways to have fun with them.

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