Approximately 30 seconds is all it takes to form a strong first impression, but it could take years to erase it. You may not say too many words in those 30 seconds, but you do send a tremendous number of non-verbal clues. Appearance plays a major role in non-verbal communication.

In business especially, it is critical that your appearance sends out appropriate signals. In today's competitive world, how many others perceive you may often mean the difference between success and failure. Considering that 90 percent of you is covered by what you are wearing, the apparel you choose makes a significant non-verbal statement.

When people dress with confidence, it reflects in their appearance and in their presence. The image and appearance of confidence and authority translates directly into actual authority and power. When you look right, you feel confident about your appearance and, as a result, you perform better. It's a fact that successful people dress in a certain way.

They respect others who do the same. It's only natural for top executives and professionals to seek out others who project a similar sense of style.

Making The Right First Impression

Your appearance is truly the one factor you can control. The secret is to "package" yourself in such a way as to manage the impression you want to make on others. If you can control the way you dress and present yourself, then obviously you can control, to some degree, the way people perceive you. Since your clothing is an effective means of self-expression, you can control how you wish to be perceived on any occasion.

Therefore, an investment of a finely tailored wardrobe should grant you returns year after year. Custom-tailored clothing by V. Pascal Custom Tailors offers the best quality for your investment. With top styling, quality craftmanship and durability, your wardrobe will withstand the test of time year after year.

However, clothing must be cultivated, like a relationship, and slowly integrated into your life or closet. At V. Pascal Custom Tailors, we build wardrobes, not just suits. We take an approach to wardrobe building that is simple, yet unique; offering you enough options to express your good taste as well as your personality. We'll assist you in successfully building a wardrobe sure to help you make the right first impressions and the right lasting impressions.


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