House Calls


Does it sound like you?

TOO BUSY! This is the number one reason most men hate to shop. Many will simply settle for poorer fit and quality just to save time.

Is your schedule so overwhelming that you just do not have the time to leave your office for anything that does not pertain to your business? Perhaps, going from store to store trying to find clothes that fit is just not one of your priorities or enjoyments.

You may feel you have a closet full of clothes but is it really functioning properly for you? If you are wearing the same suit, jacket or tie over and over again, you really have an empty closet even though it may look like there is no room to add another garment.

Remember, especially in business, there is no second chance to make the right impression. How you dress is so essential that it actually is an important part of your business. The key to representing yourself properly is to have your clothes fit correctly and also be comfortable to wear.

You may have even tried the services of direct sellers coming to your office to sell you suit, shirts and shoes. Although they provide a convenient way to avoid going out to stores, they are commissioned sales representatives without the practiced skills and proficiency in the art and craft of tailoring.

Repeatedly, I have been asked to offer the convenience of office or home service. To accommodate these requests and so that you will not have to settle for less, I have established a Wardrobe Service. In keeping with the integrity of my work, I will be the only one measuring and fitting you. You are assured of receiving my personal expertise and high level of tailoring that, as a master tailor, I provide and you deserve.

Since my wife, Ann, and I work as a team, we will help you build the best fitting and most appropriate and effective wardrobe. Together, we can assist you in deciding how to make the most of what you already have as well as custom tailor the new selections you need to add to your attire. There will never be commissioned sales people calling on you, pressuring you for referrals or, pushing package deals at various categories and levels of workmanship that may not meet your expectations of quality and fit. I offer stress-free shopping and only one quality of tailoring, excellent.

In order to meet the needs of those who prefer to meet me in my shop, I accept a limited number of appointments weekly to meet in your office or home. To find out more about this unique service or to schedule an appointment: Please call us at 410-539-2500.


V. Pascal   22 Light St.   Baltimore MD 21202   (410) 539-2500

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