Do you know how exciting it is to make a new discovery or to meet a new person whose friendship you can enjoy for life? Or do you know how nice it feels to visit an old friend knowing you will feel comfortable, relax and have a good time. Well, that is the atmosphere I try to create for all of my clients, new and old. So, welcome to my House!

You certainly will get the attention you deserve. When you first come into the shop, you will most likely be greeted by my wife Ann. We have worked together for more than 20 years. As a team, we can assist you in selecting fabric and help you in coordinating your wardrobe.

In my shop, you will never be waited on by a sales clerk. After all, you want to have a suit or shirts made specifically for you so you deserve the expertise of a custom tailor. I am the only one who takes your measurements and does each fitting.

Taking a full set of measurements is just one step in the procedure. But, measurements alone do not tell the whole story. You will stand in front of a three-way mirror where I will drape a fitting model on you. For me, the fabric talks and tells me more about your fitting needs.

You will actually be able to see and learn how your suit should and will fit. We will also be able to communicate better about styles and your preferences.

When you return for your fitting, with the benefit of the full length, three-way mirror, you will be able to really see how your suit looks on you from the back as well as the front.

Because of the unique relationships I have developed over the years with my fabric resources, I am able to bring the best selection of fabrics at the best values. I carry a large array of suit length cuts from which to choose as well as a full collection of fabric books. For many customers, seeing a full length of cloth draped over them helps them to better visualize the suit.

Every suit is made with the same top standard of quality tailoring. Whether choosing a cloth at the starting price or from the top of the line, you are assured of the highest level of workmanship. MY SUITS ARE MADE WITH A CANVAS CONSTRUCTION AND NEVER WITH GLUED FUSED PROCESS. (as pictured below)


We always keep a complete record of every suit, coat or pants that we make for you in the form of a swatch card. With this card of all your fabric, it is easy for you to see what you have, what you might want to add to your wardrobe.

As a full service custom tailor, I am able to provide alteration services for my customers. You will always be provided the utmost in privacy, convenience and customized service that fits your needs.



V. Pascal   22 Light St.   Baltimore MD 21202   (410) 539-2500

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