Tasteful, Elegant and Inspirational
whether the occassion is for business or pleasure,
a Vineyard Vines tie will look sensational!

.   A perfect complement to your outfit and a perfect gift idea.



Dozens of other designs are available.

If interested, email us or stop by to see our instore specials.


Braces make any pair of dress trousers look and fit their best. So why not add a bit of charm and individuality in a most discreet way. Only a few artisans are left who have the skill to weave these intricated designs on the rare antique looms that are required to create Trafalgar Limited Edition Braces. Choose your favorite while it is still available. Contact us at 410-539-2500 to order or to learn more about this unique collection.

V. Pascal   22 Light St.   Baltimore MD 21202   (410) 539-2500

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